Will Caladiums Take Over My Garden?

March 20, 2024

Will Caladiums Take Over My Garden?


With their artistic, colorful leaves that provide tons of visual interest, it's easy to see why caladiums have become so popular for garden beds, borders, containers, and more. But some gardeners hesitate to plant them due to concerns about invasiveness. Will planting just a few caladium bulbs this spring lead to a tropical takeover of your flower beds?  Rest assured caladiums will not overrun an outdoor garden space so you can plant these exotic-looking perennials with confidence.

While caladium tubers will sprout new plants over time, their spreading growth habit tends to be slow. And the new bulbets usually appear within a few inches of the original tuber.  On occasion, pesky squirrels may move tubers, so you may see caladiums popping up in unexpected places.  Simply rehome these strays, and they should flourish alongside the rest of your plantings.

With some simple management, you can enjoy their vibrant tropical flair without worrying about a caladium takeover!


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