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Most Popular Products

  • Carolyn Whorton

    Carolyn Whorton

    $13.00 - $287.00

    One of most well know caladiums on the market, Carolyn Whorton is tried and true variety that has been a staple in many gardens. This caladium works well in shade or full sun and brings a lot of...

  • Dawn to Dusk close up

    Developed by Classic

    Heart to Heart™ Dawn to Dusk

    $20.00 - $121.00

    Dusk to Dawn (formally known as Creamsickle) is an introduction from Classic's breeding program and a customer favorite. Dawn to Dusk caladiums features a cream-white center with red splotches and a...

  • Candidum Sr.

    Candidum Sr.

    $13.00 - $287.00

    Candidum Sr. caladiums are another one that's been around awhile and has been a staple in many gardens. Candidum Sr. features bright white leaves with thin deep green veins  and is known to...

  • Bombshell in the landscape

    Developed by Classic


    $13.00 - $287.00

    Caladium Bombshell is Classic introduction from Dr. Hartman's breeding program. Bombshell features an intense red center with deep green margin. This caladiums withstand full sun and adds a colorful...

New Products

Find our latest designs + see what’s new at Classic Caladiums

Potted Rio Summer plant, non de-eyed

Developed by Classic

Rio Summer


Rio Summer caladiums is sure to make a statement in your garden with it's bright red shiny leaves. Pair Rio Summer with another of our new introductions such as High Society for a beautiful combo pot...

True to it's name, Painted Desert has a paint splatter look

Developed by Classic

Painted Desert


Say hello to more bronze colored caladiums! Painted Desert is another new strap leaf caladium from Classic that features a unique bronze color and darker veins. This new caladium is perfect for...

Up close of Rain or Shine leaves

Developed by Classic

Rain or Shine


Add the newest fancy leaf caladium, Rain or Shine, to your landscape for unique color and pattern. Rain or Shine caladiums feature large bronze leaves with darker bronze to copper veins with pink...

Close up High Society caladium leaves. Bright white leaves with thin green border.

Developed by Classic

High Society


A 2022 introduction, High Society is the latest new strap caladium to join from Classic's breeding program. High Society features bright white leaves with very thin margins that thrives in sun or...

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