What Pairs with Caladiums in a Sun Garden

February 18, 2024

What Pairs with Caladiums in a Sun Garden


While some think of caladiums as a shade plant, many gardeners know that caladiums can work well in a sun garden as well.  New varieties of caladiums with higher sun tolerance, heartier leaves, and gorgeous colors are available for those spots in your space that soak up the rays.  With their splashy color and gorgeous textures, planting them with other plants can be an exercise in balance, but with these suggested neighbors, you can incorporate caladiums in your sun garden without anyone fighting for the spotlight.

Sun-Loving Plants that Pair well with Caladiums:

  • Lantana
    Lantana is a heat-loving plant with clusters of bright flowers in shades like yellow, orange, red, pink, and purple. It makes a great companion for caladiums.
  • Sunflowers
    Choose shorter, bushy varieties of sunflowers to mix with caladiums. The big flowers and broad leaves make an eye-catching combination.
  • Zinnias
    Low mounding zinnias or cutting zinnias with bold colors add pops of color next to caladiums. Go for a mix of zinnia colors.
  • Pentas
    Pentas offer star-shaped flowers in red, pink, white and lavender that attract butterflies and hummingbirds. They thrive alongside caladiums.
  • Begonias
    Wax begonias and dragon wing begonias add colorful blooms and interesting foliage to complement the caladium leaves.

Make sure all the companion plants get the same amount of sun and well-drained soil as the caladiums for best results. Let the caladium foliage be the focal point and use the other plants to provide accent colors, and you will never have a competition for who shines brightest in your garden.

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