Our privacy Policy is Simple - We Protect and guard any information we know about you


  Any email addresses and personal information are held private - we do not sell, rent or share your address or information with anyone outside of Classic Caladiums. Here are occasions when we use your email address:

  • Order confirmations and shipping information

  • Newsletter Announcements
    Our newsletter is actually on our website - if you have opted to receive our newsletter, we simply email you when we add a new edition (maybe 9-11 times per year). Look for features on who we are and what we do, special promotions and coupons and great tips for gardeners. Our newsletter is not one continuous plea to buy something. You may easily opt out at any time right on the newsletter or by simply emailing us. It's that easy.
    PLEASE NOTE: If you have not opted in for our newsletter, we may still send you 2-3 emails a year:
    1. A heads up when we are shipping to your zone
    2. Usually, just in advance if our biggest sale of the year - the Black Friday and Cyber Monday events
    3. If we are appearing at an event in your area, or some other significant event


   We do use cookies (ever wonder how a website knows your name when you revisit - it's cookies). If you complete an order, we can track you with the cookie by name - we use this information internally to better adjust our website to meet your needs and track what visitors buy and where they came from. We never share any of this information outside of our company for any reason. Our customers are valuable to us - we do not take your trust lightly.



A note about paying online...
   In brick and mortar stores, your card is handled by employees at the point of sale - card info is usually stolen somewhere along receiving and processing this information at the store.
   Here at Classic Caladiums, your credit card information is encrypted and held on a secure server by Authorize.net - we never see your card and have no access to the credit card number or other data (other than the address, name and info required to ship the order). Authorize.net will bill your cards at the time you have placed have placed your order.