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So easy to get these outstanding tropical plants growing...

  • Plant bulbs with the crown just above the soil line

    Rich, organic soil will help your elephant ears grow. Generally, space the bulbs apart to match the expected height; for example,  a 6' tall elephant ear usually has a 6' wide spread. For pots, 3 gal or more is best.


  • Sun to partial sun works best
      Tropical elephant ears thrive on sunlight. They do want more water in direct sunlight as opposed to shady areas where they don't tend to dry out as fast.

  • Keep moist
        Most elephant ears are fast growers and can be 6' tall or more - which simply means they get thirsty to sustain that growth. The tip on watering is to keep the roots moist - elephant ears are stressed when they dry out.

  • Feed Me!
    Consider these plants as teenage boys, they are growing and eating machines. Frequent applications of fertilizer keeps them healthy and happy. 20-20-20 is fine.

  • When should I plant my bulbs?
    Bulbs should be planted in the landscape in the spring after the last frost.  The USDA temperature zone chart provides guidelines for your zone, however temperatures can vary in specific locales and from year to year therefore nothing substitutes for local knowledge.  Generally, plant your bulbs with the soil temperatures warm to 65F-70F. If you are planting in northern climes, you can start the bulbs earlier in a warm, moist (not soggy) place inside and give them a head start. Elephant ears do go dormant.

  • Bulb size

    Expect some pretty big bulbs, we sell most of our exotic elephant ear bulbs in the 7" to 9" size, these bulbs can weigh in at 2lbs each. We do raise Portoras on our farm and do have a bigger selection of bulb sizes.


  • End of season - bulbs go dormant

    In the South (or zones 9-10) - usually heavy mulching (3-6) will allow the bulbs to survive the winter. 

    In the North (zones 3-7) - Pull the bulbs  by trimming off the tops, dig up the bulbs (shake out the excess dirt and separate if clump is large) and store the bulbs in the basement area.

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              Not everybody does it exactly the same...


  • Height and Color
       Individual conditions vary greatly in the US. Elephant Ears tend to vary according to sunlight, feed and watering.

   Alocasia Hilo Beauty Elephant Ear       

Potting elephant ears in assorted containers works very well -inside of your home or office, on the patio or front porch - use your imagination (send us some pictures)!

Hilo Beauty


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