Power Planter Tree Planting Auger Bit (2” x Variable Length)
Power Planter Tree Planting Auger Bit (2” x Variable Length)

Power Planter Tree Planting Auger Bit (2” x Variable Length)

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Discover our versatile Tree Auger & Planting Tool, designed to efficiently dig holes for bare-root trees and saplings with ease, letting you work faster and eliminating the need to bend over thanks to its ergonomic handle design. The rugged, tree-hole digger’s durable design is built to withstand challenging soil conditions and allows you to power through rocky, sandy soils as well as harder clay soil. You can even dig horizontally under sidewalks with the tree auger bit for irrigation or gutter extensions. Add a heavy-duty tip made from military-grade abrasion-resistant material for additional durability in compacted or rocky soil.

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Soil or Use


This tree planting tool is available in various lengths and diameters, making it perfect for installing beach umbrellas, termite bait stations, deep root aeration and fertilization of trees, planting grass plugs and 4- or 6-pack annuals, and even bulb planting. Deep root aeration and fertilization techniques allow for improved nutrient absorption and root breathing, especially in heavy clay soils. These products fit ½-inch hex drive drills. Drill sold separately. Its compact size ensures easy storage and transport for all your planting and landscaping needs.

The Do It All Tree, Shrub & Termite Auger

This auger is much more than just a tree planting tool. Plant bare root trees, shrub saplings, grass plugs, 6 packs of annuals, or deep-feed and aerate all your trees or shrubs. The tree auger bit does it all. It even works great for post hole digging, and as a sand and beach umbrella auger.

For tougher jobs, add a heavy-duty tip to your tree planting auger bit (made from military-grade abrasion-resistant material) – it’s a great choice for contractors or anyone looking to get longer life and more use out of their tree planting augers for drills.

Increase Efficiency With This Tree Auger

Our tree planting auger bit eliminates the need for uncomfortable bending when planting, digging, or destroying weeds. It features a 2-inch diameter and your choice between a 24-inch, 30-inch, 36-inch, or 48-inch length. The tree hole digger has a rugged, 5/8-inch shaft made from 100% steel with 18 inches of thick, durable, 10-gauge flighting.

These tree planting auger bits fit ½-inch hex drive drills.