Power Planter Large Bulb Auger (4” x 28”)
Power Planter Large Bulb Auger (4” x 28”)

Power Planter Large Bulb Auger (4” x 28”)

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Plant large bulbs and bedding plants with exceptional ease with our 4-inch auger. This professional-grade, heavy-duty, long-handled bulb planter is perfectly designed for large bulbs because of its double 10-gauge flighting – doubling the auger’s efficiency. Whether you’re a professional landscaper or a weekend gardener with a lot of space to cover, this large auger makes your work a lot easier. Just attach the 4-inch bulb auger to your drill, and you’re ready to go! Choose the Heavy Duty option for heavy-duty digging in densely compacted soil, or rocky abrasive conditions. This product will fit ½-in drills.


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The Perfect Bulb Planter Tool

Powerful and professional, our Large Bulb Auger is the best tool for planting bulbs and digging post holes quickly and efficiently. This auger measures 4 inches in diameter by 28 inches long, and it includes a heavy-duty, 1-inch shaft made of 100% steel. Choose between an auger for Light-Medium Duty work for home use or Heavy Duty work for professional use. 

For the 4-inch auger, we recommend using a large cordless drill with a 1/2-inch hex drive with this large, long-handled bulb planter auger. This product will fit ½-in drills, and our cordless electric drill bundle provides the power you need PLUS a bonus battery and box – available only from Power Planter! Purchase the threaded adapter with your heavy-duty variant of this auger to fit your Stihl BT45 Powerheads.

About Heavy-Duty Augers

Heavy Duty is the most rugged and versatile option for this auger. Use the dropdown menu above to choose the “Heavy Duty – Clay, Rocky, or Professional Use” option. The heavy-duty hex adaptor is a replaceable auger tip that will help you tackle the most challenging digging tasks without damaging the main auger and is included when you purchase the Heavy Duty option. The leading portion of the digging tip has replaceable auger blades. This allows for an easier and more cost-efficient way to keep your equipment performing in top condition.

In addition, the auger bit will fit any drill (i.e. Stihl BT45) with a threaded end when purchased with a threaded adapter (sold separately). Our adaptable heavy-duty augers feature 2 holes with pins for mounting and will fit auger powerheads with a 3/4-inch shaft. This is a smart option for professional landscaping businesses that need to switch between drills and powerheads throughout the day.