Power Planter Flower Planting Auger & Grass Plug Tool (2" x 7")

Power Planter Flower Planting Auger & Grass Plug Tool (2" x 7")

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Our flower planting auger and grass plug tool is designed to plant grass plugs and small annuals and keep your shovel and garden trowel in the shed where they belong. Whether you’re using it as a hole digger for annual flower planting or as a grass plug tool, you can be sure that you’ll be working much faster than you ever could doing these jobs by hand.



A Flower Planting Auger for Healthy Flowers and Less Work

The Power Planter® flower planting auger finely grinds soil, making backfilling holes quick and easy, which allows water to distribute evenly. This helps the soil retain moisture longer while giving your flowers healthy soil-to-root contact so they can thrive and grow. The Power Planter annual flower planting auger is the ideal tool for homeowners and gardeners who want to save their backs from repetitive bending and high-impact shoveling. It’s great for planting small pack annuals in containers or beds, drilling precise holes right next to established plants without harming them, and destroying weeds without touching them. The flower planting auger can even break up large blocks of dirt with a pull of your drill’s trigger.

This Little Flower Planting Tool is Tough

The annual flower planting auger measures 2 inches wide by 7 inches long. The grass plug tool features a heavy-duty, 5/8-inch steel shaft with a 3/8-inch non-slip hex drive (Fits all standard drills). It is made completely from American-made steel and painted with glossy black enamel. This plant auger bit fits most cordless drills – simply tighten the drill chuck to secure the plant digger tool and you’re ready to dig. Safety Notice: Do not use earth augers with impact driver drills, drill bit extensions, or sockets.

This product will fit 3/8-inch or larger drills