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All Caladium Varieties

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  • Heart to Heart™ Va Va Violet - the first violet caladium on the market.

    Developed by Classic

    Heart to Heart™ Va Va Violet

    $18.00 - $110.00

    This is a completely new look in color for caladiums, brought to you by Classic and offered here for the first time. Being the first violet variety on the market, Va Va Violet is sure to sell itself.  Va Va Violet is a short mounded variety and...

  • White Star caladiums make a stunning border plant.

    Developed by Classic

    Heart to Heart™ White Star

    $18.00 - $110.00

    White Star is a soothing white with a shy pink blush as the leaves mature. Look for a deep crimson blaze at the stem. This patented variety was created here in our Classic labs by Dr. Robert Hartman, Classic CEO.

  • Part of the Proven Winners Heart to Heart Caladium Series is a sun tolerant variety suitable for any landscape.

    Developed by Classic

    Heart to Heart™ White Wonder

    $18.00 - $110.00

    Heart to Heart™ White Wonder has a frilly white strapped shaped leaves with distinctive green borders. This variety grows well in both shade or sun. White Wonder makes an outstanding border plant for garden or landscape. White Wonder is a patent...

  • Heart to Heart Xplosion caladiums will make a unique statement in your garden.

    Developed by Classic

    Heart to Heart™ Xplosion Caladiums

    $18.00 - $50.00

    Caladium Xplosion is a strap leaf variety that will remind you of a fancy leaf caladium. Xplosion represents a new color pattern among caladium varieties which comes from its Thai variety blood line. This caladium features a rose pink main vein and an...

  • John Peed

    John Peed

    $12.00 - $244.00

    John Peed caladiums feature a bright red center with dark margins. This caladiums is intermediate in height and can tolerate full sun. John Peed caladiums are an old time favorite and will make a nice display wherever they are planted.

  • Just Saucy Caladiums, the latest introduction from Classic Caladiums

    Developed by Classic

    Just Saucy

    $12.00 - $26.00

    A 2019 introduction, Just Saucy caladiums is another development from Classic's breeding program. Just Saucy has a distinct, highly visible pattern with cream white, sometimes yellow center, and large rust orange blotches. Add this unique caladium to...

  • Little Gem caladiums up close

    Developed by Classic

    Little Gem


    Caladium Little Gem is the third introduction from Classic's breeding program for 2022. Little Gem is a fancy leaf caladium that features a popular color pattern. This caladium is short in height and compact with bright, glossy leaves and bright pink...

  • Miss Muffet

    Miss Muffet

    $13.00 - $322.00

    Miss Muffet is a popular caladium with chartreuse leaves and red spots. Miss Muffet caladiums will sometimes features red veins creating a contrasting color. This caladium is short in height and will do well in the shade.

  • Different varieties mixed into our Mixed Pink and White caladium packages

    Mixed Pink & White Caladiums

    $24.00 - $139.00

    An easy gift to yourself or for others with our Mixed Pink & White caladiums. We use #2 bulbs and in this package you will get a mix of several pink and white caladium varieties. 

  • Mixed Pink caladiums

    Mixed Pink Caladiums

    $24.00 - $139.00

    Enjoy a surprise of colors with our mixed pink caladium packages. With this mix you will serveral pink varieties each offering a different look. Makes a nice starter for those who want to try caladiums. We typically use #2 bulbs in our mixes - we do not...

  • Mixed red and white caladiums planted in our garden

    Mixed Red & White Caladiums

    $24.00 - $139.00

    Quality caladium bulbs with great savings! Our Mixed Red and White caladium packages are grower's choice and feature a mix of different red and white caladium varieties. Perfect for a first time gardner. 

  • Mixed Red caladiums from Classic Caladiums

    Mixed Red Caladiums

    $24.00 - $139.00

    Quality caladium bulbs with great savings! Our Mixed Red caladium packages are grower's choice and feature a mix of different red caladium varieties. Perfect for a first time gardner. 

  • Mixed White caladiums

    Mixed White Caladiums

    $24.00 - $139.00

    Our mixed white caladium packages will be a perfect addition to your garden. Soothing bright white caladiums are mixed into this package and will brighten up that shady location. 

  • Monument caladiums feature a bright white center with a deep green margin

    Developed by Classic


    $12.00 - $67.00

    Monument caladiums is an introduction from Classic's breeding program which features bright white leaves with a deep green border. Some of the leaves on Monument can become lightly translucent and frilly. Monument caladiums will brighten up an shady area...

  • White caladium Moonlight will do well in the shade


    $12.00 - $244.00

    Moonlight is a caladium variety deveopled by the University of Florida's breeding program. It has luminescent white leaves with a thin green margin. Moonlight caladiums is sure to brighten any shady area in your garden or patio.

  • A bright pink color is one of the nice features on Party Punch caladiums

    Developed by Classic

    Party Punch

    $12.00 - $261.00

    Another Classic Caladiums introduction, Party Punch is a popular variety with a pink center, white spots, and a green margin. Party Punch makes a great plant in the landscape or pair with other caladiums for a nice combo pot. 

  • Different versions of Peppermint shown in one plant

    Developed by Classic


    $16.00 - $343.00

    Peppermint caladiums features a unique color and pattern among caladiums along with wide leaves. On Peppermint caladiums leaves you will see it go from white to an almost transulcent red-pink color with white veins. Add this exciting caladium to your...

  • Pink Beauty

    Pink Beauty

    $12.00 - $244.00

    With a blush pink color and molted green spots here and there, Pink Beauty caladiums make a great border plant. Usually short in height and does well in shade.

  • Pink Gem caladiums are a nice short pink caladium for your garden

    Pink Gem

    $13.00 - $322.00

    Pink Gem caladiums feature a bright salmon pink frilly leaf with a green border. Pink Gem caladiums are short caladium and will look well in combo pots or hanging baskets.

  • Pink Splash caladiums are the perfect soft pink caladiums  you need

    Developed by Classic

    Pink Splash

    $12.00 - $261.00

    Pink Splash caladiums offers that light pink color you have been looking for and makes a perfect caladium for that shady area in your landscape. Also features a green border and some leaves will turn translucent. Pink Splash caladiums is a Classic...