Colocasia Esculenta elephant ears










Colocasia Esculenta Elephant Ear

   Great landscape plants, these are very popular bulbs. Look for huge leaves and very tall plants. Colocasia Elephant ears tend to point downward.
   Not all that hard to plant, see our elephant ear planting and growing instructions here. Our elephant ears will grow very well in the northern teir of states

   Esculenta has a selection of bulb sizes from 5" to 11" circumference bulbs.

Colocasia Esculenta Elephant Ears - Bulbs available from Classic Caladiums

  Eye-candy your family and guests will admire, very disease-resistant and deer as a rule won't nibble. Make your Esculenta elephant ears "pop" with a base border of our caladiums

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Esculenta Bulbs 5"-7" Circumference - 5 count pkg
 Price: $10.00
Esculenta Bulbs 7"-9" Circumference - 5 count pkg
 Price: $12.00
Esculenta Bulbs 9"-11" Circumference - 3 count pkg
 Price: $14.00

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