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  • Alocasia elephant ears with leaves pointed upward, planted at our farm

    Alocasia Elephant Ear

    $14.00 - $21.00

    Alocasias produce an elephant ear with the leaves pointed upright and will grow in height over time. With proper nutrients and watering, Alocasia elephant ears can grow as tall as 6' over time. Pair these elephant ears with your favorite caladiums for a...

  • Colocasia Escuelenta ear bulbs - grown and available from Classic Caladiums

    Colocasia Esculenta Elephant Ear

    $10.00 - $14.00

    Colocasia elephant ears produce leaves that point downward. This plants will range height from 3' - 6' depending on watering and care. Pair Colocasia elephant ears with your favorite caladiums in patio pots or directly in the landscape.