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Proven Winners Fertilizer 2oz Packet

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A unique blend of fertilizer suitable for a wide range of plants including those provided by Classic. The 15-7-15 ratio is designed to improve plant performance by delivering nutrients during peak growing periods when plants need it most. This 2 oz sample packet is good for up to 12 bulbs when applied at the rate of 1 teaspoon per #1 bulb.

Controlled Release Fertilizer (CFR) is eco-friendly as it meters plant nutrients over an extended period of time. For more information on fertilizer application rates to other Classic Caladiums products, please see the chart below.

Classic Caladiums Fertilizer Chart

Alocasia elephant ears with leaves pointed upward, planted at our farm

Alocasia Elephant Ear

$14.00 - $21.00

Alocasias produce an elephant ear with the leaves pointed upright and will grow in height over time. With proper nutrients and watering, Alocasia elephant ears can grow as tall as 6' over time. Pair...

Apple Blossom caladiums in the landscape

Apple Blossom

$12.00 - $244.00

These striking leaves feature wide green borders with pink center and pronounced pink main veins. Our Apple Blossom caladiums also feature slightly frilly leaves that can tolerate 4-6 hours of...

Our mixes include  several varieties in three colors

Mixed Color Caladiums

$24.00 - $139.00

Enjoy a surprise of colors with our mixed color caladium packages. You will get a mix of red, white, and pink caladiums and varieties are grower's choice. #2 bulbs are usually used in our mixed...

Starburst caladiums offer a unique pattern creating that "starburst" look

Developed by Classic


$16.00 - $343.00

As Starburst caladiums leaves mature, they develop white main veins that contrast well with its dark pink background. Starburst caladiums can take full sun very well and is intermediate in height -...

Desert Sunset caladiums in the landscape

Developed by Classic

Desert Sunset

$16.00 - $152.00

One of our most popular introductions, Desert Sunset has a completely unique color for caladiums. Leaves are salmon-pink with copper colored veins will strike out wherever planted. Desert Sunset...

Aaron caladiums


$12.00 - $244.00

Aaron caladium is a well known caladium that has been a staple in many gardens. This caladium features a bright white center with green margins and can tolerate full sun.

Assorted live caladium plants from Classic Caladiums

Developed by Classic

Classic Accents Live Plant Pack


Classic now offers live plants in a 3 pack with each plant including a decorative pot. Perfect to give as a gift to family, friends, or to just keep to yourself. Each pack will include a red, white...

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4x28" Large Bulb Auger

Power Planter

4" x 28" Large Bulb Auger with 1/2" Hex


This large bulb auger measures 4" in diameter and 28" in length. Ideal for fast and efficient planting of jumbo and mammoth bulbs and also great for planting 4 to 5 inch potted plants. It is...

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Mixed red and white caladiums planted in our garden

Mixed Red & White Caladiums

$24.00 - $139.00

Quality caladium bulbs with great savings! Our Mixed Red and White caladium packages are grower's choice and feature a mix of different red and white caladium varieties. Perfect for a first time...

Alaska cannas - a soothing white bloom

Alaska Canna

$15.00 - $25.00

Alaska cannas will be grand displays of white blooms highlighted by large tropical green foliage. Plants are moderate in height at 36" and will bloom all summer long. For a big show in your...