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Proven Winners Fertilizer 2oz Packet

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A unique blend of fertilizer suitable for a wide range of plants including those provided by Classic. The 15-7-15 ratio is designed to improve plant performance by delivering nutrients during peak growing periods when plants need it most. This 2 oz sample packet is good for up to 12 bulbs when applied at the rate of 1 teaspoon per #1 bulb.

Controlled Release Fertilizer (CFR) is eco-friendly as it meters plant nutrients over an extended period of time. For more information on fertilizer application rates to other Classic Caladiums products, please see the chart below.

Classic Caladiums Fertilizer Chart

Alocasia elephant ears with leaves pointed upward, planted at our farm

Alocasia Elephant Ear

$14.00 - $21.00

Alocasias produce an elephant ear with the leaves pointed upright and will grow in height over time. With proper nutrients and watering, Alocasia elephant ears can grow as tall as 6' over time. Pair...

Creme Brulee caladiums in our garden in the fall.

Developed by Classic

Crème Brulee


Creme Brulee is a new fancy leaf introduction from Classic Caladiums that features a light green color in the center and goes to a broad reddish-bronze margins. This new caladium is tall in height...

White Christmas

White Christmas

$12.00 - $244.00

White Christmas is a very distinctive white and green caladium - the leaves are white with dark green mid-veins. White Christmas caladiums are a great addition to any garden and are great to brighten...

Colocasia Escuelenta ear bulbs - grown and available from Classic Caladiums

Colocasia Esculenta Elephant Ear

$10.00 - $14.00

Colocasia elephant ears produce leaves that point downward. This plants will range height from 3' - 6' depending on watering and care. Pair Colocasia elephant ears with your favorite caladiums in...

Tiki Torch

Developed by Classic

Tiki Torch

$16.00 - $85.00

Caladium Tiki Torch features a scarlet leaf with a chartreuse border. A beautiful strap caladium that looks great anywhere it's planted. Pair it with your favorites annuals or perennials for a...

Close up of Caribbean Coral caladiums

Developed by Classic

Heart to Heart™ Caribbean Coral

$18.00 - $110.00

Caribbean Coral was added to our caladium catalog in 2019. Another release from Classic's breeding program, Caribbean Coral features coral to pink colored leaves with white specks. This caladium will...

Bright white leaf with contrasting black veins will make sure this caladium stands out

Developed by Classic

Sweet N' Sassy


Sweet N' Sassy is a latest strap leaf caladium to be introduced by Classic's breeding program. Featuring prominent black veins on the thick leather-like leaves which are held up by thick black stems,...

Mixed red and white caladiums planted in our garden

Mixed Red & White Caladiums

$24.00 - $139.00

Quality caladium bulbs with great savings! Our Mixed Red and White caladium packages are grower's choice and feature a mix of different red and white caladium varieties. Perfect for a first time...

Our mixes include  several varieties in three colors

Mixed Color Caladiums

$24.00 - $139.00

Enjoy a surprise of colors with our mixed color caladium packages. You will get a mix of red, white, and pink caladiums and varieties are grower's choice. #2 bulbs are usually used in our mixed...

White Star caladiums make a stunning border plant.

Developed by Classic

Heart to Heart™ White Star

$18.00 - $110.00

White Star is a soothing white with a shy pink blush as the leaves mature. Look for a deep crimson blaze at the stem. This patented variety was created here in our Classic labs by Dr. Robert Hartman,...