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  Every day is Earth Day at our Classic farms and operations center - it's just good business.


Our 120,000 sq. ft Warehouse in Avon Park, FL 900+ acres of farmland near Zolfo Springs, FL

   Our state of the art warehouse and operation facilities are heated with natural gas.  As you may know caladiums, like potatoes, need to go through a curing process after harvesting.  Our curing facility doubles as a sprouting room for our pre-finished pot program thus conserving heat.  Cured and graded bulbs are stored at 68-72˚F again conserving energy.

After sprouting our pre-finished pots are transferred to an unheated shade house for finishing.  Even our new variety development shade house is unheated.  Fortunately, we’re in Florida and can get away with this most of the year

   We have developed a new controlled release fertilizer specifically made for caladiums.  The advantage of controlled release is that fertilizer is metered out in small dosages over a long period of time providing the plant food caladiums need while minimizing the leaching of nutrients. We are in the process of making our specially formulated fertilizer available to our retail customers however, testing and meeting various state and EPA regulations is a daunting task, but we are well underway in the process.


   Our farm manager, Gary Henderson has years of farming background. Crop rotation, watering cycles, fertilizing and other best management practices (BMP’s) are routine here on Classic's extensive acreage as sustainability is essential to all of us. We generally farm about a third of our available land, leaving the rest planted in various rotation crops.  Rotation crops absorb left over nutrients, prevent soil erosion and become a source of organic matter when they are plowed back in to the soil prior to planting our next caladium crop. 

   Where practical, biological control measures are used for pest and disease management.    

   We use a deep well as a water source and drip and portable overhead irrigation systems to apply irrigation water.  Soil conditions are continuously monitored and watering is only used as required.

   Annually tests are conducted on all our horticultural practices to improve them as new information or technology becomes available. When tests prove beneficial to our plants and cost effective they are immediately implemented.



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