February 2020 - Valentine's Day Newsletter


Classic Caladiums February 2020 Newsletter
Happy Valentine's Day!
    In this Issue:
  • Official Introduction of Hot 2 Trot caladium
  • Special Valentine's Day Bundle + 15% off select varieties
  • How to Use Cut Caladiums Leaves in Floral Arrangements
  • Reminder: Free Shipping this season!
  • Early Shipping Requests: We are being asked to ship orders earlier than the hardiness zone suggested for that area. It can be done, but may require insulated packaging for our customers up north.

Caladiums In Floral Arrangements

Caladiums have many uses and with one being that they are great for floral arrangements! Cut caladium leaves or small potted caladiums can last for weeks in an arrangement and with so many colors to choose from, the combinations are endless. Pair them with your favorite flowers such as roses, and lilies. Or simply pair them with more caladium leaves!  Using recently matured leaves work best and can be cut straight off the plant. Our internet sales manager, Lesley, picked out her favorite floral arrangements featuring caladiums (see pictures below).


Caladium arrangment with Desert Sunset Moonlight caladiums in arrangement
Puppy Love caladiums in a floral arrangement
Pictured above: Desert Sunset and Rose Glow caladiums leaves in a floral arrangement with roses and other accenting flowers.
Pictured above: Moonlight caladiums taking center stage
Pictured above: Puppy Love caladiums as cut foilage and wrapped around the inside of the vase


Hot 2 Trot Caladiums

We are officially re-introducing caladium Hot 2 Trot!

Hot 2 Trot is a red strap that starts out with shiny young leaves and a bright red center. This caladium is short to intermediate in height and will make a great border plant or hanging basket.

Available in our Valentine's Variety Bundle (see below) and two bulbs sizes. Click here to shop by individual bulb size

Stay tuned for another upcoming new introduction which will be announced on next month's newsletter. 
  Hot 2 Trot caladiums

February Specials

Classic Caladiums Valentine's Day Bundle

Valentine's Day Variety Bundle

Includes Sweetheart, Hot 2 Trot, Bombshell, White Pearl, and Pink Beauty

This bundle includes 5 varieties, 3 #1 bulbs of each for a total of 15 bulbs.

Valentine's Day Bundle

 Price: $45.00
Red Glamour caladiums on sale

Red Glamour
A dark red strap caladium great for hanging baskets or combo pots.

 15% off

Red Glamour #1 Bulbs
20 count pkg

 Price:$47.00 NOW $39.95

Heart and Soul caladiums on sale, one time only

Heart to Heart Heart and Soul

An exclusive strap leaf caladium, Heart and Soul is a sun tolerant variety and great for landscape planting.

15% off

 Heart and Soul #1 Bulbs 20 count pkg
Price: $48.00 NOW $40.80


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