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Here is a response after we addressed a customer complaint:

Dear Mike,
   I apologize for not responding to you sooner regarding our conversation and the package of bulbs you sent. The bulbs were wonderful, and I thank you for the "bonus" caladiums [I haven't grown them for about 8 years]. ALL bulbs are sprouting, and seem to be happy in my garden.
   Having owned and operated an antiques and greeting card company for 15 years [in Charleston, SC, and Atlanta], I am acutely aware of what makes up good customer service [from the standpoint of a buyer and seller].  I dealt with hundreds of antique dealers and dozens of card companies over the years, and good service meant that I would return to the purveyors who provided it.  As a merchant I always did whatever possible to insure my customers' satisfaction, and it was a matter of pride for me.

    When you called me to talk about my letter of complaint, I was suitably impressed with your professionalism, understanding, and caring attitude.  The replacement package was more than generous, especially considering that I was a first time customer who had made only a single, small purchase.  I appreciate your call and the adjustment made more than you know.

   It is truly wonderful to know that in today's world there are still some businesses who understand and extend true customer service.

Thank you again,

Bill Foy