Modern farming methods  combined with extensive testing, developing new varieties and reinvigorating older varieties keeps things hopping down on the farm. Unlike our competitors, we do not grow our caladiums in the mucky lake bottom soil near Lake Placid. The sandy soil near Zolfo Springs works very well and since we have extensive acreage, it allows us to rotate crops naturally and avoid using fertilizers and other pesticides and restoratives necessary to keep using the same ground over and over.
   Two of our favorite garden bloggers and good friends of caladiums, have taken our farm tours over the years, see the photos and comments here, and here.

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Our 850 acre farm is located near Zolfo springs, in central Florida - 30 miles or so east of Bradenton. We grow all of our varieties here, along with extensive test beds for new caladium varieties under development as well as test areas where we grow different varieties with new eco-friendly fertilizers. We are the leading caladium grower actively producing new varieties and restoring existing varieties. Much of this farm is at rest, alfalfa and other crops are rotated with caladiums.

Our CEO, Dr. Robert Hartman (L) spends many hours in the fields with our staff, always looking to improve our cladiums. Most varieties are over 50 years old and over the years have suffered from disease and other changes - Dr. Hartman has been actively engaged in bringing these varieties back to the original as possible and making the bulbs healthier and more disease-resistant.

Once the temperatures drop and the caladiums ready themselves for dormancy, we cut off the leaves, then come back and harvest the bulbs using specialized farming equipment. Even though there are no leaves, every row is marked and plotted by GPS so we know exactly what bulbs we are harvesting. The bulb carrier is then emptied and sent to our nearby Avon Park production warehouse for cleaning, curing and sorting, getting the bulbs ready for commercial and retail orders.

Gary Henderson Farm Manager
Gary has been a farmer all his life and has worked for Classic since we began our farming on sand land.  In addition to his excellent farming skills, Gary has provided many mechanical developments for our farming (inc. our bulb washer) and warehouse (inc. the industries most efficient bulb grader) operations. 

A chip off the old block, young Jake Henderson is following in his father's footsteps


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