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Fancy Leaf Caladiums

Caladiums come in two different leaf types: fancy and strap. Fancy leaf caladiums are more heart shaped and tend to be taller in height. Strap leaf are more elongate arrow head shaped and shorter in height. Classic Caladiums carries a lot fancy and strap leaf caladiums that are not offered anywhere else.

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  • Creme Brulee caladiums in our garden in the fall.

    Developed by Classic

    Crème Brulee


    Creme Brulee is a new fancy leaf introduction from Classic Caladiums that features a light green color in the center and goes to a broad reddish-bronze margins. This new caladium is tall in height and has large leaves. Creme Brulee will be available in...

  • The latest introduction from Classic Caladiums, this new bright white caladium will make any shade area pop

    Developed by Classic

    Crystal Moon


    Crystal Moon caladiums is one of a few new introductions coming from Classic Caladiums this year. Crystal Moon is a new fancy leaf caladium designed as an improvement in the all white category. This new caladium may remind you of caladium Moonlight, but...