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Currently Shipping for the 2023 Season

Tall Caladiums

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  • The newest pink caladium available only from Classic Caladiums

    Developed by Classic

    Charity Rose


    2022 introduction from Classic Caladiums. Charity Rose is a fancy leaf caladium with unique and distinctive dark main veins which sets it apart from other pink caladiums. This caladiums features large pink leaves with a thin green margin. Limited...

  • Close up High Society caladium leaves. Bright white leaves with thin green border.

    Developed by Classic

    High Society


    A 2022 introduction, High Society is the latest new strap caladium to join from Classic's breeding program. High Society features bright white leaves with very thin margins that thrives in sun or shade. Add High Society to your hanging baskets or...

  • White Majesty caladiums is one of our tallest white strap caladiums and features even bigger leaves.

    Developed by Classic

    White Majesty

    $16.00 - $343.00

    White Majesty is one of the tallest and largest white strap-leafed caladiums in our catalog. It features white leaves with a dark green border that contrasts itself against its black stems. White Majesty caladiums make a great landscape caladiums as it...