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Insect Control:          
Caladiums are rarely damaged by insects or related pests.  But a good pest-monitoring program together with Orthene is recommended for the control of aphids.  A general all-purpose insecticide is usually sufficient

Deer and critters:
We see deer tracks in our FL fields, but relatively little damage if any. We get occasional reports from customers that deer will munch on caladium leaves, but it is rare. Rabbits and other critters may eat caladiums if there is just about nothing else for them. We see rabbits in the yard nearly every morning and have been watching and see no evidence of them nibbling on our caladiums. Caladiums leaves are poisonous for humans, don't use them in a salad!

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Visitors like this are common - we don't see much in the way of damage caused by grasshoppers. The bigger lubbers are nasty tho, assassinate on sight.

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