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Bourbon Street

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Sun and Shade
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The new strap leaf caladium introduction from Classic features black main veins contrasting against a dusty rose-red color with a thick feel to the leaves. Bourbon Street caladiums are perfect for full sun areas in your garden or hanging baskets. 

Grand Slam features distinctive dark veins making it one of a kind

Developed by Classic

Grand Slam


2022 caladium introduction Gland Slam is product of Classic's breeding program. This new fancy leaf caladium features a deep pink color with black veins with leaves that later emerge to a lighter...

Bright white leaf with contrasting black veins will make sure this caladium stands out

Developed by Classic

Sweet N' Sassy


Sweet N' Sassy is a latest strap leaf caladium to be introduced by Classic's breeding program. Featuring prominent black veins on the thick leather-like leaves which are held up by thick black stems,...

The newest pink caladium available only from Classic Caladiums

Developed by Classic

Charity Rose


2022 introduction from Classic Caladiums. Charity Rose is a fancy leaf caladium with unique and distinctive dark main veins which sets it apart from other pink caladiums. This caladiums features...

Creme Brulee caladiums in our garden in the fall.

Developed by Classic

Crème Brulee


Creme Brulee is a new fancy leaf introduction from Classic Caladiums that features a light green color in the center and goes to a broad reddish-bronze margins. This new caladium is tall in height...

Different color leaves on Wish Granted

Developed by Classic

Wish Granted


Caladium Wish Granted is a new strap leaf caladium from the breeding program at Classic. Wish Granted features a cream-green leaf with prominent veins and thin green margins. The leaves on Wish...

True to it's name, Painted Desert has a paint splatter look

Developed by Classic

Painted Desert


Say hello to more bronze colored caladiums! Painted Desert is another new strap leaf caladium from Classic that features a unique bronze color and darker veins. This new caladium is perfect for...

Up close of Rain or Shine leaves

Developed by Classic

Rain or Shine


Add the newest fancy leaf caladium, Rain or Shine, to your landscape for unique color and pattern. Rain or Shine caladiums feature large bronze leaves with darker bronze to copper veins with pink...

Desert Sunset caladiums in the landscape

Developed by Classic

Desert Sunset

$16.00 - $152.00

One of our most popular introductions, Desert Sunset has a completely unique color for caladiums. Leaves are salmon-pink with copper colored veins will strike out wherever planted. Desert Sunset...

Dawn to Dusk close up

Developed by Classic

Heart to Heart™ Dawn to Dusk

$18.00 - $110.00

Dusk to Dawn (formally known as Creamsickle) is an introduction from Classic's breeding program and a customer favorite. Dawn to Dusk caladiums features a cream-white center with red splotches and a...

Apple Blossom caladiums in the landscape

Apple Blossom

$12.00 - $244.00

These striking leaves feature wide green borders with pink center and pronounced pink main veins. Our Apple Blossom caladiums also feature slightly frilly leaves that can tolerate 4-6 hours of...