Caladiums - Hardiness Zones

Hardiness zones for growing caladiums

Bulbs should be planted in the spring after the last frost and soil temps are 70 or more.  The USDA temperature zone chart provides the following guidelines, however temperatures can vary in specific locales therefore nothing substitutes for local knowledge for exact planting dates.

   Latest interactive zoning map with individual state views  Click here to view

Earliest Planting Dates

  • Zones 10 April 1

  • Zones 8-9 May 1

  • Zones 6-7 June 1

  • Zones 3-5 July 1

Early Planting Dates Guidelines:
   Plant after last frost
   Soil temperatures should be above 65F
   Bulbs can be sprouted inside your house and transplanted outside for quicker start

Latest Planting Dates

  • Zone 9-10 September 1

  • Zones 7-8 August 15

  • Zones 5-6 August 1

  • Zones 3-4 July 15

      Late Planting Date Guidelines
Late season bulbs usually sprout fast; 3 weeks
     Late plantings should be done no later than 7 weeks before first frost.

more tips on planting

Caladium bulbs like warm moist (not soggy) soil. To get a jump start in northern climes, put your bulbs knobby side up about 1" to 2" deep in a  shallow pan, bag or flat full of potting mix. Keep the mix warm (70's is nice) and you will find the bulbs shooting up and ready to transplant in the ground.

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