Colocasia Tea Cup Elephant Ears

   Unusual in that the leaves are cup shaped, and when filled with water, they tip! An elegant Colocasia, these Tea Cup elephant ears will grow to 6' in sun or partial shade. These leaves actually cup and hold water - until it gets too heavy, then they tip the water out - way cool! Our elephant ears will grow very well in the northern tier of states -you want tropical - try elephant ears!
   For Colocasia Tea cup instructions and tips on planting, use this link.
   Not a lot of Tea Cup bulbs in stock - don't dawdle ordering this one. For a great look, add some of our Classic Caladiums around the base - you can't go wrong no matter what the color.
Colocasia Tea Cup Elephant Ear Bulb Get Tropical
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Tea Cup Single Bulb   7"-9"
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Tea Cup Single Bulb   7"-9"
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Our Elephant Ear Varieties

C. Black Magic A. Black Stem C. Diamond Head C. Esculenta (4 sizes)
A. Hilo Beauty C. Kona Coffee C. Mojito A. Portora (4 sizes)
C. Tea Cup C. White Lava

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