Caladiums Nutrition

In order to get continual growth after sprouting, caladiums should be fertilized.  In sandy regions of the country, such as much of Florida, a good slow release complete fertilizer (Osmocote, Nutricote or other slow release) seems to work best.

We recommend:   6-6-6 or 20-20-20, moderate amounts - your caladiums do not need excessive chow to thrive.


2018 - UPDATE
We have a special caladium blend of fertilizer we will be offering here in Florida at some of our shows - it takes a ton of paperwork to be allowed to ship fertilizer - we are wading thru it as fast as we can. When we get the paperwork right, you will be able to buy it online. This is the same fertilizer we use here at Classic for outstanding potted caladiums.






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