Caladium bulbs are a proven winner for fundraising.
Placing your order early by the end of November, we can reserve your bulbs for the following spring delivery.
The below prices are a bridge between our Classic Retail pricing and our wholesale pricing which kicks in at 5 cases -
anything over 5 cases, call Lesley at
(863) 453-0014, ext 207.

  • You can combine several different varieties of the same bracket and get the discount:
    (2 cases of Aaron, and 1 of Kathleen will count towards the 3 case discount as they are all the same price bracket.)

  • You cannot add another variety from another price bracket such as Blushing Bride for the 4th case discount - it is a different price bracket and priced as 1 unit)
       However, if you add two cases of Blushing Bride or any other variety within its price bracket, you just pushed your total order to 5 cases and get our very best discount!

  • Broken cartons may not count towards the case counts.

  • Shipping is not included.

  • Different bulb size cases all count the same within any price bracket. 3 cases of #1 Aaron and 1 case of #2 Kathleen count as 4 cases as they are all in the Standard Fancy price bracket.

Price Bracket Posted Case Price 2 cases 3 cases 4 cases ANY 5 + cases
Standard Fancy $160 $150.40/ea $134.40/ea $118.40/ea Call for quotes
Standard Strap $240 $240.00/ea $216.00/ea $192.00/ea
Exclusive Fancy $288 $259.20/ea. $230.40/ea $201.60/ea
Exclusive Strap $432 $388.80/ea. $345.600/ea $345.60/ea

Call us today and we will be happy to work with you to make your fundraising event a success!

Contact Lesley at (863) 453-0014, ext 207
or, Don at (706) 897-3056


Classic Caladiums
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