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Pink Splash Caladiums - UGA Photo

Caladium 'Blushing Bride'

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Caladium ‘Pink Splash"
rom Classic Caladiums

            This was our first year of trialing caladiums, we did not do many because I never felt they could compete with other faster growing, more colorful annuals in the garden.  I am not sure if they can compete financially, but oh my, did people ever love these plants, especially this one.  I believe visitors flagged this more than any other plant in the garden. 


Hello all,
   Here are this year's Classic City Awards 2011 Annuals. This is a very prestigious honor awarded to the best year round plants. It is no small fete weathering this Georgia heat and still blooming with such beauty that is demands all visitors' attention. Among the near 2000 plants trialed this year, it really is something to be among the Top 20. These plants are for you, so remember the Trial Gardens at UGA are open 7 days a week, 365 days a year from sun-up to sundown for your viewing pleasure. Come by and enjoy anytime you like. We hope you enjoy!

Happy Gardening,

UGA Trial Gardens Staff

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Caladium "Blushing Bride"
from Classic caladiums

Top 12 finisher in Classic city Awards for 2012

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   We have just started getting serious about caladiums, for the obvious reasons of shade performance and color, and the not so obvious reasons concerning substitutions for bedding impatiens. We had over a dozen quite wonderful entries and they all could have won blue ribbons. However, our eyeballs kept going back to ‘Blushing Bride’ with its subtle colors, moderate stature, and its ability to comport with its neighbors. Growers can obtain excellent growing instructions and proper scheduling to make these look good at retail. It was a fight to select between this plant and ‘Candyland’.

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