Black Friday     - Cyber Monday Sale

Have a great Thanksgiving!
 It's a time to reflect on our blessings and unite with family and friends.
Our Classic Caladium family wishes your family a warm and Happy Thanksgiving.


Our Black Friday/Cyber Monday Specials - 30% OFF
   Have some dandies for you this year, in particular, check out White Wonder. We took some with us a couple of years ago to the Florida Federation of Garden Clubs convention, and, well, WOW! These folks are gardeners with a passion and we sold everything we had the very 1st day - even had to make a special trip back to our Avon Park warehouse- they wanted more! This one is just getting the attention it deserves - and at a real value! Try some out...

   Also featured is a pink variety (Kathleen) and a red variety (Postman Joyner) - this is the only time this season that we will offer at 30% off. You can order these bulbs off of the newsletter any time between Nov 20th and 27th!

Classic Harvest

   While farm Manager Gary Henderson and his harvesting crew are hard at it - our warehouse crews are curing and sorting bulbs as fast as they come in. 30 million+ bulbs are processed thru our warehouse. We start shipping our retail bulbs in early March to southern US zones, working our way up to the northern tier of states - all just in time for you to plant safely.


Our Black Friday & Cyber Monday Specials - 30% OFF
These JUMBO bulbs will get you off to a quick start for summer color!

  Kathleen - Jumbo Bulbs   Postman Joyner - Jumbo Bulbs   White Wonder - Jumbo Bulbs  

Kathleen Caladiums - 20-count Jumbo bulb packages at 30% OFF



  Very popular pink - grows fast and loves shade to partial shade - great buy!   Postman Joyner shows color all season from full sun to deep shade.   Our lovely patented White Wonder can handle full sun to partial shade  
Kathleen Jumbo Bulbs
20 count pkg

 Price:$46.60   $32.62
Postman Joyner Jumbo Bulbs - 20 count pkg
 Price:$46.60   $32.62
White Wonder Jumbo Bulbs - 10 count pkg
 Price:$69.00   $48.30

Added for Cyber Monday


Scarlet Flame - Jumbo Bulbs

Scarlet Flame Jumbo Bulbs - 10 count pkg
 Price:$36.30   $25.41

Meet the Ladies Gift Packages Still 10% OFF
Order NOW as a gift and we will send a card to the recipient in time for Christmas
We will be keeping this package open, although you can buy 3-packs individually,
this online newsletter bundle offer is the only way you will get the 10% discount.

You Get 6 clamshell packages with planting instructions on the inside cover, and a plastic label stake with the variety name for each pkg.

Get several!
Great Gifts for family and friends!
Perfect for patio pots

"Meet the Ladies" Variety Pack Special
 Price: $35.00    $31.50

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   We encourage you to take advantage of any newsletter special offers throughout the year. When it is time to ship - we will simply combine the orders into one shipment and adjust the amount we charge you - all automatic as Lesley adjusts the numbers at the time of shipping and billing. If the orders total over $100, she will drop any shipping charges, and if you spend more, volume discounts starting at $250. She has your back!