Learn more about caladium bulb sizes.


 Caladium Bulb Sizes and Information

Bulb Sizes:
Caladium bulbs are sold in various size grades based on the diameter of the bulb.  The bulbs are categorized into the following traditional sizes:

  • No. 4:  to (2.0 cm)  - Not Offered Online

  • No. 3:  to 1 (2.0 2.5 cm) - Not Offered Online

  • No. 2:  1 to 1 (2.5 4.0 cm)

  • No. 1:  1 to 2 (4.0 6.5 cm)

  • Jumbo:  2 to 3 (6.5 9.0 cm)

  • Mammoth:  3 to 4 (9.0 11.5 cm) - Offered Online as available

  • Super Mammoth:    4 Up (11.5 cm) - Offered Online as available

Bulb Storage:            
Caladiums are tropical plants, and bulbs must be stored at temperatures above 60F (16C) with a relative humidity in the neighborhood of 75%. When storing caladiums, unpack them immediately upon arrival and store them in open trays with proper air circulation.  Exposing bulbs to cold temperatures will cause them to sprout slowly and erratically. Injury due to temperature exposure manifests itself in stunted (sometimes very slow) erratic growth even though the bulb does not show any injury at all.

Boxed bulbs ready for shipping...

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