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   From its inception in 2000, Classic Caladiums has distinguished itself as professional producers of caladium bulbs. Our Classic Caladiums website is the retail marketing arm of Classic Caladiums, LLC. Our parent company is Abbot-Ipco of Dallas, Texas.

   Under the leadership of Dr. Robert Hartman (our full-time hands-on CEO of Classic Caladiums) we have consistently endeavored to bring back the best qualities of long standing caladium varieties. Field trials and testing are a major part of our operation - many commercial caladium varieties were developed in the 1800’s and we have strived to bring them back like a restored “Classic”.    

   Besides cleaning up and rejuvenating old varieties, we have launched a number of new patented varieties with our extensive breeding program and are available exclusively from Classic and its network of distributors.  We are also active cooperators with the University of Florida and other research institutes and botanical gardens around the US. Classic practices environmentally safe farming practices.

   Our main 850 acre farm is in Zolfo Springs, FL; our 120,000 sq. ft. office, processing facility and warehouse complex is located nearby in Avon Park, FL.

Dr. Robert (Bob) D. Hartman – President and CEO

Dr. Robert Hartman Ph.D., CEO of Classic Caladiums

Bob is a University of Florida graduate with degrees in Plant Pathology and Entomology and a minor in Ornamental Horticulture. Upon graduation, Bob joined the Ball Seed Company. In 1977 he established his own plant cloning business which he sold to Ciba Geigy in 1984. Bob has worked for or managed several major horticultural businesses including Twyford International Inc.
  Dr. Hartman is responsible for developing new varieties of caladiums and has introduced many of his creations to the public. He also works extensively to rejuvenate existing varieties, cleaning by making them more disease resistant.     
Email:  bhartman@classiccaladiumsllc.com 

  You will find Dr. Hartman in the fields often. He and farm manager, Gary Henderson (pictured right in gray shirt) work closely together staying ahead of Mother Nature as best they can - ask any farmer, it can be a very taxing proposition. Too much rain, not enough, hurricanes and who knows what else is just waiting to happen  Monitoring this years crop, managing the staffs and operations, working on new varieties and field testing keep both men hopping.

Dr. Robert Hartman Ph.D, CEO of Classic Caladiums and Gary Henderson, Farm Manager.

 View a 30 minute video with Dr. Hartman on the WDSC television show, Gardener's Hotline with Karen Stauderman,
UF Extension. Very good overall for information and background of caladiums.

Gary Henderson – Farm Manager
A life-long farmer Gary has worked for Classic since we began our farming on our 850 acres near Zolfo Springs, Florida..  In addition to his excellent farming skills, Gary has provided many mechanical developments for our farming such as our  our bulb washer and the the most efficient bulb grader in the business. 
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 Jake Henderson
 learns his dad's craft

Rachel Wright – Bookkeeper
   Rachel is a great no nonsense bookkeeper and a real asset to our company financial management.  Rachel has many business related experiences including managing the books for her husband’s business.
Email: rwright@classiccaladiumsllc.com 



Lesley Hernandez – Retail & Internet Sales
   Lesley is the go-to lady for all of your online orders.
She processes the orders, oversees shipping and a myriad of other duties associated with our retail sales.
You can contact Lesley directly at extension 207 or

Email: lesley.h@classiccaladiums.com

Rob Hartman - FL Sales and Operations Mgmt
   Rob handles the plastic field planting, warehouse maintenance, handles sales to Classic’s wholesale Florida customers and de-eyeing operations.

Email:   rhartman@classiccaladiumsllc.com 

Future Operations - Lane Hartman
Grandson of our Founder, Dr. Robert Hartman, young Lane also has a interest in Caladiums. He is examining Mt Everest leaves in Grandpa's yard.